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MasterMoves Kids is an academic programme. This syllabus is used in collaboration with the national CAPS, as well as other curricula where chess is used as a tool to instill understanding in math/science//life skills/language and art as an integrated, play-based, interactive in-class curriculum, supporting the learning process with visual tools and fully worked out lesson plans and differentiated worksheets.


MasterMoves Chess is an afterschool chess curriculum where chess players, through top coaching, get to take part in the fine art of chess as a sport, participating in the fun as well as national tournaments.




  1. The MasterMoves programme develops mathematical proficiency using chess as a tool, built on STEAM development outcomes. This programme intentionally uses the positive value and outcomes of chess to address this.

What is mathematical proficiency for TSMFL?

Understanding what you are doing (conceptual understanding);
Being able to apply what you have learned (strategic competence);
Being able to reason about what you have done (adaptive reasoning);
Recognising that you need to engage (productive disposition) with a problem in order to solve it, and of course.
Being able to calculate/compute (procedural fluency) with confidence.

  1. Our MasterMoves programme addresses all the CAPS curriculum Math outcomes in the Foundation Phase, including Numbers, Patterns, Space and Shape, Measurement and Data. The programme integrates with all learning areas and links with various curriculums.
  2. Not just a selected few benefit, the impact is on the largest number of learners; all participants gain by this way of learning.
  3. Impacts at the age where it matters most.
  4. The MasterMoves Kids programme focusses on the learning process and not just on the completing of workbooks. More time is spent on learning through practical experience than working in workbooks/worksheets.
  5. The programme integrates with all learning areas in the Foundation Phase.
  6. Teachers find the MasterMoves programme a very practical and user-friendly programme; using their pre-knowledge and expertise as a springboard to build our programme on and expand their teaching aids.
  7. Teachers’ lesson planning is fully worked out to be used in-class.
  8. TSMFL provides the following teaching aids:

Teacher manual (lesson links with curriculum etc.)
Learner workbooks/worksheets
Geo Toolbox (including shapes, numbers, rulers, stickers etc.).
Staunton chess sets (including durable chessboards)
Magnetic demonstration chess board and set
Supreme Chess set (for outside and gross motor skills use)
Chess guides for the learners and teachers

  1. Each of the above-mentioned components can be used as a separate programme.

The components build on one another but are not interdependent on one another.

  1. No extra time on a timetable needed. It is used integrated with daily in-class lessons.
  2. The MasterMoves Kids programme is based on learning through play and also learning in a fun and exciting manner.
  3. The programme provides an e-learning platform that is hands-on, interactive and used as a visual aid.
  4. The programme has 2 unique components:

MasterMoves Kids:
RR-3 (academic outcome)
4–7 (academic outcome with an intentional science component)
8-12 (math/life skills preparing for the workplace/chess as a sport)
MasterMoves Chess:
Purely chess as a sport activity (training, chess clubs, leagues, etc.

  1. As self-confidence and self-awareness are crucial components for continuous learning, regular feedback from principals, teachers and parents indicate that children’s confidence, self-esteem and communication skills/interpersonal skills have developed through MasterMoves Kids.

Aside from that, several unexpected outcomes are noted:

Improved school attendance, Impact on school readiness, Impact on Discipline & Concentration, Improvement in social life skills, Community and Parent involvement, Demand, Remedial Teaching e.g. Learning Challenges/Disabilities, Alcohol Syndrome etc.

  1. The programme includes a coding component- Scratch Junior/Scratch as an option.
  2. Collaboration with several universities to support research and development:

NWU Potchefstroom (Action Study on academic impact: Pathways of the mind);
Stellenbosch (outreach programmes);
Unisa (Business school/Entrepreneur supplier development).

  1. Good working relationships and agreements with the various Departments of Educations on district, provincial and national level.
  2. Impacts at an extremely low cost.
  3. The programme also has the possibilities to be bought as a Math/Science /Chess Centre that serves as an Enterprise Development or Supplier Development opportunity.


Moves for Life has already implemented both the MasterMoves Kids and MasterMoves Chess programmes with great success at more than 130 schools. Since 2011 more than 1010 educators have been trained to teach children the Moves for Life formula, and more than 40 000 South African school learners have effectively been taught Mathematics, Science and Lifeskills the Moves for Life way, and the results are phenomenal!

The wonderful thing about the TSMFL initiative is that it does not only encompass education as a tool but also sports and culture which leads to school learners developing a positive attitude towards their school work.

If you want to obtain more information or become involved, please contact TSMFL at the following details:

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