Enterprise Development


Moves for Life Pty (Ltd) has been in the lead for pioneering maths and science through chess in the foundation phase for almost 7 years. Our collaboration with other organisations has brought about our success stories. Our present business plan on youth entrepreneurship has been purposely linked to Education Business Enterprise (EBE).

The following businesses that can provide income generating activities for the youth of today are:

  • Managing a Chess Learning Centre
  • Printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Couriering
  • Supplies

All these business identities require a large number of manpower and this is an advantage for youth income generating activities.


Moves for Life Pty (Ltd) brings about an enabling environment for the youth to start enterprises as means of empowerment and job creation. Moves for Life Pty (Ltd) is creating a business structure which will provide business and job opportunities. The following sectors have been prioritised because of their ability to uplift a number of youths in one sector at a given time. These sectors actively link as typical service providers to Moves for Life Pty (Ltd), to roll out the MasterMoves Kids and MasterMoves Chess programmes:

  • Chess Learning Centre
  • Supplies business
  • Printing business
  • Manufacturing business
  • Courier business



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Opportunities are available for enterprise development.

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