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MyLab is the concept of Chris Windell at the University of North West. MyLab has been developed to cover CAPS practical work from Grades 4 – Grade 9 and addresses the need of thousands of schools without labs in South Africa and the neighbouring countries.

The MasterMoves Kids programme is an in-school programme strengthening the learning of Maths, Natural Science and Life skills through chess. The programme is implemented by trained teachers. In our effort to bring the reality of Natural Science we have now the innovation of My Lab. Learners will not only learn theoretically, i.e. that water has three phases but they will be able to touch and feel the solid state of water. The understanding of the concepts of Natural Science in the Foundation Phase will provide more innovative learning.

With the purchase of a MasterMoves Model C centre, a complete MyLab kit is included in the equipment, including workbooks, chemistry and Natural Science apparatus.

With the inclusion of MyLab, the learning of Natural Science in the Foundation Phase will be supported by our innovative chess programme. It will be enforced during MasterMoves Kids in-class teaching, as well as during the MasterMoves Chess programme as an in-school activity.

MasterMoves Chess, Mathematics & Science Lab (In-School)

The MasterMoves Mathematics and Science Labs are workplaces designed to conduct mathematics and scientific research and is implemented as an in-class activity. This Model has two types of Centres a school can choose from:

  • School Owned Centre

A school has the opportunity to purchase an MMK Centre including MyLab directly from Tsogo Sun Moves for Life, with the agreement between the school and Tsogo Sun Moves for Life. The school has an option of appointing a trained teacher to run the Centre or gives TSMFL the mandate to appoint a trained teacher in its stead. The MMK programme is implemented according to the school timetable.

  • Agent/Individual Owned Centre

An individual can purchase a MMK Centre including MyLab from Tsogo Sun Moves for Life and monitors the programme on behalf of TSMFL, with the agreement closed between the school and the agent/representative. The school has an option of appointing a trained teacher to run the Centre or gives the agent/representative the mandate to appoint a trained teacher. The MMK programme is implemented according to the school timetable.

Centre Process                                            

TSMFL takes the responsibility to train the teachers or agents/representatives, as well as complete the relevant documents relating to contracts. The agent/representative will be selected and appointed according to criteria.

Level 1&2 training will be given to the agent/representative. The initial training is a 3-day session including the following:

DAY 1:

Introduction to TSMFL

Introduction to Social Enterprise Development

DAY 2:

MasterMoves Kids (Gr.R-3)

Introduction to MasterMoves Kids (Gr.4-7)

DAY 3:

Basic Chess Training including a practical session

After successful completion of Level 1&2 training, the agent/representative will have the option to complete the ETDP SETA NQF5 training (Unit Standard 117811 – Facilitate Learning using a variety of given methodologies; part of ID 50334). Upon successful completion of the SETA training, the agent/representative will be awarded a National Certificate (Occupationally Directed Education).



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