Nokukhanya Primary Newcastle

In Mrs. Malinga’s Gr.1 class, Sfiso Khumalo was always a bit lazy and didn’t have the motivation to finish his work. He would complain about being tired of writing.

His mother also complained that Sfiso watches too much TV and always said he has no homework.

Since the implementation of the MasterMoves Kids programme, Sfiso’s attitude has undergone a drastic change. He has a much more positive attitude and wants every subject to be taught with the aid of MasterMoves Kids. His educator told TSMFL Facilitator that she is very thankful to TSMFL for introducing the programme, as proven by the huge chance in Sfiso.


Grade 2 learner Anele Mkwanazi is in Mrs. Madondo’s class. She was extremely shy and portrayed low self-confidence. Her mother approached the MasterMoves Chess Coach to help Anele and asked her to make her part of the chess team.

At first, Anele was very uncertain about playing chess and didn’t have the courage to engage in a chess game, as she found it to be intimidating in the beginning. She felt that chess is a game for boys only and too difficult to pursue.

All this changed towards the end of the term, as Anele became more proactive, showing interest and more openness while tackling and mastering new challenges. She puts more thought into every move and loves chess.

According to Anele’s educator and mother, her confidence has also improved drastically. Anele’s mother contacted TSMFL Facilitator/Coach Lindiwe Zwane to thank her for the opportunity she has given her child, adding that Anele’s attitude towards her school work has also improved.


Philasande Magudulela is a learner who used to struggle with his studies and school work. Since he has joined the MasterMoves Chess club, he has shown a significant improvement in his school work as well, especially in Math, doing problem-solving without fear, as well as discipline. Educator Mrs. Sibiya is very happy about the improvement she sees in her learners due to the TSMFL programme.


MasterMoves Chess player Syamthanda Shiba in Gr.3 has developed significantly in physical, social and thinking skills. Her Educator has also noticed her progress, and more girls have started to show interest in MasterMoves Chess.


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