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In Mrs. Sibiya’s class, Gr.2 learner Hazel has had to handle learners who made fun of her grasp of the Zulu language. As a result, her self-esteem was very low and she was too afraid to put her hand up in class, even if she knew the answer to a question.

After ‘The Story of Ubuntu Chess’ was read and discussed as a class activity, Hazel offered her creative idea of a dance to the ‘Pawn Poem’. The whole class loved her idea so much, the other Gr.2 educators asked Hazel to come and teach their learners the same dance moves. This helped Hazel’s self-esteem so much and, since that day, she is much more confident in everything she does.


Grade 3 learner Simile Zwane used to come and observe the MasterMoves Chess sessions. However, every time the Coach invited her to play, she would become shy, withdraw and leave again.

One day a MasterMoves Chess player didn’t have a partner. The Coach invited Simile to play to fill up the partner’s space for that session. Surprisingly, she agreed, and the rest is history! Simile is now a regular MasterMoves Chess student and is gaining self-confidence in the process. She is starting to communicate more freely with her teacher and opening up to converse with the Coach as well.


Grade 2 learner Bulelani Nkosi used to be very reluctant to stand in front of her classmates. Since the implementation of MasterMoves Kids this year, Bulelani has found the courage to even assist other learners with math. Her Educator expressed her thanks for the MasterMoves Kids initiative that is making such a difference in the learners’ lives.


Sfundo Mncube is a more advanced MasterMoves Chess player, who has volunteered to take responsibility for the MasterMoves Chess sessions when TSMFL Facilitator/Coach Lindiwe Zwane has to visit the Nokukhanya. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, and his enthusiasm has attracted more learners to become part of MasterMoves Chess. The Educators also supports him and he has gained so much more self-confidence to continue in the process.


Grade 2 learner Syamthanda Sithebe is an energetic learner who is always first to be out of class for recess, and the last to return to class. He did not enjoy learning.

Ever since the MasterMoves Kids programme has been implemented in the class, Syamthanda has shown a marked improvement in concentration and discipline, always focusing on finishing his work first before going to recess, for instance. Even his mother has commented on the changes in him.


Aphiwe Ndlozi used to rush through her school work without really concentrating, to the frustration of her Educators. When Aphiwe joined the MasterMoves Chess club, she learned the importance and value of discipline and focus. Because she loves chess, her attitude has changed significantly and she is now a well-behaved young lady who shows focus and discipline in her school work as well.


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