Corporate Social Investment


Dear Reader,

We trust that after paging through our website, you will feel excited to partner with us and contribute to the Moves for Life organisation!
Here are a few ideas for you to get creative in FUNDRAISING for this stunning cause:

  • Sponsor/Fund a Golf Day.
  • Sponsor/Fund a morning tea with all your influential friends, including a Key Note Speaker and Moves for Life presentation
  • Get a groups of friends and participate in a sponsor-a-mile cycling event, giving prominence to the Moves for Life brand
  • Sponsor/Fund a Chess Tournament in your area
  • Sponsor/Fund a Chess Fun Day in your area
  • Sponsor/Fund a Spring Fun Walk/Moonlight Fun Walk/Chess Walk in your area/estate:- entry fees can cover Moves for Life t-shirts and caps, as well as unique branded prizes for the winners
  • Sponsor/Fund any fun event unique to your area or community

Feel free to contact us with details of any events unique to your area or community, where Moves for Life can be involved; in these fun ways we can all partner and benefit for the good of our nation and next generations!

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